Truck Driver Breaks Down In Tears When Reunited With His Cat After Months Of Searching

When Matthew B, a truck driver, discovered his pet cat Ashes after months of looking, he couldn’t stop weeping.

Since their paths intersected, Matthew and Ashes have been on the road together. As they journey across the country in the luxury of their 18-wheeler, the guy forms a remarkable relationship with his 3-year-old gray ato.

Ashes was his coworker, and they had never been apart until last July, when they were travelling through Springfield, Ohio, and the cat got out of the truck when it was parked. Something startled him, and he dashed into the bushes.

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Matthew was distraught and looked everywhere for his closest friend.

He traveled the region several times without success, and he was devastated because he had to return to the road, but he knew he had to.

Throughout the months that followed, Matthew altered his routes multiple times so that he could return to the same location in quest of Ashes. He continued returning, thinking that this would be the day he discovered him.

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Kimberly T. and her buddy landed at the same station on their way to New York one day. Something piqued his interest just as he was about to return to his vehicle. In quest of attention, a very skinny and hungry cat emerged from a bush.

Kimberly stated,

“He was trying not to put his paws on the ground since it was freezing.”

She scooped up the cat and carried it to her car to warm it up because no one came to claim it. The cat seems to have been on the streets for some time. He need a lot of attention as well as a veterinary examination.

Kimberly took him with her to New York, as she knew a place that could help this little guy.

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He was transferred to Lollypop Farm, a Fairport-based animal care charity, where he was received with open arms.

According to an organization spokesman:

“What Kimberly didn’t realize was that this cat was more than just any other cat; it was a seasoned traveler. As with all entering dogs, our admissions crew quickly scanned a microchip. Not only did it have one, but it also had an owner who registered it at a Texas location 1,465 miles distant.”

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They phoned the number listed in the registration information and hoped for the owner to answer, which he did. Matthew, who was in Arkansas at the time, was taken aback.

He informed the Lollypop Farm employees:

“Every day, I was thinking about Ashes.”

Matthew promptly rearranged his travel plans and set out for New York. While Ashes awaited the meeting date, he received the necessary veterinarian treatment and gained some weight.

Matthew’s 18-wheeler pulled up in front of the shelter a week and a half after Ashes arrived.

Ashes spotted his human father right away and approached him.


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Shelter personnel stated:

“Ashes recognized him, and he was immediately affectionate.”

Matthew sobbed as he rubbed his head on Ashes’ and embraced him tightly.

According to Matthew:

“It’s a Christmas miracle for me. It’s that microchip; I couldn’t have retrieved it without it. The people who discovered him saved his life, but it was the microchip that brought him home.”

Kimberly and a friend came to see this heartwarming reunion. They had fallen in love with Ashes on his voyage home and were overjoyed to have him back where he belonged.

CREDIT: Lollypop Farm

Lollypop Farm employees stated:

“Before he went missing, Ashes and Matthew had a strong friendship, and Matthew claims they’re much closer now. Ashes seemed to be overjoyed to be back with him and is acting more lovingly than ever. We couldn’t be happier that this daring kitty is back on track.”

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