“The moment we laid eyes on her, we knew that she was suffering from injuries far more severe. X-rays would confirm both a broken jaw and a broken leg,” said Ashley Anderson representing Hearthside Cats.

Photo Courtesy of Hearthside Cats

Despite her poor state, the staff at Hearthside Cats could see that this kitten was a fighter.

“From the first night she came to us, she had a light in her, a determination, and a fierce will to live.”

Photo Courtesy of Hearthside Cats

How the kitten ended up in the situation she was found in, no one is sure. However, it was clear that her determination to hang on had kept her alive long enough to be rescued. This being the case, Wickets rescuers were determined to do everything they could to give her the best chance of survival.

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“She had such a fire and will to live that we had to fight for her. We had to try.”

Photo Courtesy of Hearthside Cats

“The first couple weeks were day by day.With syringe feeding, antibiotics, and pain medication,” said Ashley.

Despite a broken jaw and leg, along with a severe upper respiratory infection, Wicket’s fighting spirit shone through. And with the support of a dedicated medical team, she pulled through. Even beginning to put on weight.

Photo Courtesy of Hearthside Cats

“When she started eating on her own, we breathed a sigh of relief and really started to feel hopeful,” Ashley said.

“She would try to run and play, normal things a healthy kitten would try to do.”

Photo Courtesy of Hearthside Cats

Having weighed in at a paltry 11 ounces when she arrived, Wickets was now over 1 pound heavier three weeks later. Her upper respiratory had cleared up along with the wounds around her mouth.

Wickets had not only won over the entire staff at the rescue during her recovery, she also had women over the heart of the resident dog who was by her side every step of the way.

Photo Courtesy of Hearthside Cats

Along with an increase in weight came a huge increase in health and the emergence of an oversized feline personality. Wickets wanted to be everywhere and do everything all at the same time.

“Wicket would not only live, but she would also thrive.”

Photo Courtesy of Hearthside Cats

Her jaw would heal without surgery. Her leg though is another story, possibly requiring amputation sometime in the future.

For now, Wickets Is enjoying life to full, A far cry from the sickly kitten she had been when she first arrived.

Photo Courtesy of Hearthside Cats

“After making a full recovery Wickets is now living her best life with one of the caring technicians who helped to save her and fell in love with her in the process,” Ashley shared.

“Her family says she still has that spirit – she’s spunky, determined, playful, and loving.”

Photo Courtesy of Hearthside Cats

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