The Cute Cat Olivia Is Part Short-Haired Domestic Cat, Part Giraffe, Llamas

Olivia needs a home. And she’s the Cute Cat waiting for you with Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control People. When you see her, don’t be surprised if she’s stretching her impossibly long neck to get a better look at you.

As the shelter reports, Oliva is “part short-haired domestic cat, part giraffe? Llama.” These dedicated volunteers have reached deep into their own hearts and pockets to meet a need that the county budget cannot meet.And Olivia the cat is one of many. Many animals find love with the Society of Friends.


And the cute gray and white tabby cat has befriended many volunteers. She is believed to be around 4 years old and arrived at the shelter as a stray, her past a mystery. With her oddly long neck and big green eyes, Oliva is definitely a sight-seeing person. Her purity makes her even more adorable.


She is also ready for her permanent home! If you live near Anne Arundel County, MD and are willing to adopt a cat, maybe Olivia is the cat for you! But Olivia isn’t the only cat to find her permanent home through animal rescue.


Toby the cat has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and is simply precious with a wrinkled face. But beyond cuteness, he and his parents are raising awareness about cats with special needs as well as campaigning for a petition to bring out animal abuse content that is against the norm. communities on Facebook and Instagram. Toby was adopted from the British RSPCA.


The Belarusian Neblung cat suffers from strabismus. That’s the reason for his crossed eyes. His unique look draws people to his Instagram page, where fans can buy Belarusian goods to raise funds for animal rescue. He was adopted from the San Francisco Animal Care & Control Center.


Hamilton the Hipster Cat started life as a wild kitten. But the Humane Society of Silicon Valley pulled him out of the wild and prepared him for a family forever. Although it is difficult to win the trust of a mustache kitten, it is well worth the effort. Hamilton and his family work hard to spread the message of rescue and adoption.


These four cats, along with rescue cats from around the world, prove that all cats are special and every cat matters.

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