Stray Cat Follows Man Home From Café And Decides He’s Her Dad Now

On most days, Basil Akwan may be seen working on his laptop in a small café in Kuwait. He and his partner like the rush and bustle of being outside, and they are not alone.

Two stray kitten sisters also appreciated the café, which had comfortable seats for snoozing and an awning to keep them out of the weather and rain.


It didn’t take long for the kittens to figure out that fellow regulars Akwan and his girlfriend were slackers when it came to giving out snacks.

“We used to see them all the time – they constantly waited for us in the same area, even on wet days,” Akwan told The Dodo. “They’d creep up on the table for food and cuddles.”


Sophie, one of the strays, got particularly devoted to Akwan and began following him to his car. She was clearly eager to accompany him home, and she even climbed inside whenever he allowed her.

Akwan couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her behind, so he decided to rescue Sophie, while his fiancée took her kitten sibling.

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Sophie and Akwan are now in sync four months after Sophie followed him to his car. “She’s a lot of fun,” Akwan added. “I constantly purchase her toys, and the nicest thing is that she’s acclimated to my routines, like as napping.”

Sophie is now the last thing Akwan sees before going to bed and the first thing he sees when he wakes up. While he may have saved her, Akwan is grateful every day that Sophie picked him as her father.


“It’s a wonderful connection, “Akwan stated. “Having such unconditional affection is priceless, and knowing that I can return to this tiny fluff every day makes my days better.”

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