Stray Cat Born Without Back Legs Amazes Rescuers with His Spirit

Mareen, a kindhearted cat lover from Berlin, Germany, looks after the stray cats in her neighborhood and will often leave food out for them.

One day, she noticed that a new kitten had joined the usual cats at the food bowl.

When she looked closer, Mareeen realized the little kitten didn’t have any back legs.


She slowly approached the kitten, hoping to help him, but he scurried away before she could reach him.


Mareen noticed how easily he moved around on his two legs. In fact, he was as fast as all the other cats!

After feeding him for several days, the little kitten began to trust her and soon she was able to pet him.

He now realized he was safe with this kind lady so she scooped him up, took him home and named him Rocket.



Rocket quickly settled in to his new home and was getting along well with her other two cats, Flint and Gürkchen, but he especially loved spending time with Mareen.

Everybody was continually amazed with the way Rocket was able to get around on just his two front legs.

He showed incredible strength in his upper body and could balance himself perfectly.


It was amazing how quickly he settled into his new home and his new life.

He loves hopping around the house and playing with his siblings, but he also enjoys simply relaxing on the windowsill, enjoying the sunshine.



Two years down the line and Rocket is as energetic and playful as any other cat.

He probably doesn’t even realize that he’s disabled as he won’t let anything stop him from doing what he wants.

Watch the video to see Rocket in action:


You can more of Rocket and his family on Instagram

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