Sad Faced Cat Finally Adopted By The Loving Family Who Makes Her Smile – Full Story

Sad Faced Cat Finally Adopted By The Loving Family Who Makes Her Smile

The family of Stacey Arrieta went to the Lake Country Animal Shelter in Tavares, Florida to look for a cat that will suit their family.

They went to the meet and greet area where there was a lot of cute and adorable cat, but Stacey’s son saw a very nervous cat who is staying in one area.

“He was covered in wounds and had a scowl that crushed my heart. He appeared depressed and afraid. He sat down close to my son’s feet after a few seconds.” Stacey said

The staff brought a lot of cats in their meet and greet but Stacey’s son looks like he finally found the one that he likes. The staff said that the cat’s name is Big and he had wound up at their meet and greet by chance. Big was scared but he learns to trust Stacey when she started to snuggle him.

“He was now clutching this frightening-looking gray cat that crawled out of the darkness and into his heart. One of the volunteers came to return Big, without knowing how he ended up in this room in the first place.” My kid stopped her and said that he was the cat he was looking for.” Stacey said.

After many discussions, Big was formally adopted and taken home by Stacey. Big looks a bit scared but Stacey will do everything for him so he can be comfortable with her family.

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“Big slept when we initially got him home, for days and days. I honestly wondered if he was okay. My instinct told me he just needed to relax.” Stacey explained.

Now, Big was very comfortable in his new home and loving family. They are now closer than before, especially with Ari, Stacey’s son.

“Right now, we’re doing the virtual school program, which Big and Ari both enjoy. “They get to spend the entire day together, and I frequently find him napping on the table while Ari studies,” Stacey said.

Big looks so happy with them, and he also has a great buddy which is Stacey’s dog named Jaxson who is also adopted at the same shelter as Big.


The cat really adores his family, thanks to Stacey’s family for changing Big ṣad face into a happy face.

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