Rescuer Shares Stunning ‘Rescueversary’ Transformation for Pixie the Kitten

A rescuer from the Philippines, Ninja, celebrated the one-year “Rescueversary” for Pixie.

The bright-eyed beauty is one of 97 rescued cats Ninja cares for, a calico with stunning big golden eyes. But a year ago, Pixie was a sad sight; her left eye crusted closed, and her sickly emaciated body covered in grime. 

Warning: The before pictures might be disturbing for some viewers.

Pixie transformed into the prettiest cat, curious and sweet, thanks to Ninja, the nickname for rescuer Lady Logarta. 

“Today is PIXIE’s 1st RESCUEVERSARY! 💕🐈🎉 Thank you everyone who supports my advocacy. Without your help, I won’t be able to rescue kittens like Pixie.”

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Images and media via Instagram/ninjasrescuedkittens

Here is little Pixie when she first arrived, meowing for help from Ninja. Who could turn away from such a poor baby? Fortunately, the kitten would have everything she needed now.

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It only took one day of treatment with eye drops and medication for Pixie’s eyes to improve significantly. Then, she needed antibiotics for a respiratory infection, but she recovered fully. Her eyes opened, and she was such a beauty.

Pixie's eye improves with just one day of treatment

Pixie’s eye improves with just one day of treatment

With veterinary care, nutrition, and love, Pixie lived up to her name.

“Pixie being silly 🤣

Pixie the kitten on blankets

Pixie’s Beautiful Rescued Siblings

Pixie and her many foster siblings are exceptionally pretty, with so many sleek coats and colors. But they often arrive from the worst of circumstances, struggling to survive on the streets.

The rescued cats in the cat room, Philippines

Ninja carries her babies to regular veterinary appointments and cleans and tends to her foster babies. Then, she goes out at night to feed the strays. Every day, it’s a battle to get the cats what they need, but she says she’ll never give up.

“Life is too short not to do good things. Do it for love so the impossible becomes possible. It is not hard when you know what you have to sacrifice to save animals’ lives,” she said in an interview.

Pixie Grows Up Happy

You can see what a beauty this cat became and she lives without a care in the world now.

“I wonder what Pixie was staring at.. 😹 She’s been staring at the wall for a long time but there’s nothing there.”

Pixie the rescued cat, Ninja, calico

Since a baby, she has frequently nursed on a blanket and then puts out her tongue.

Pixie nurses a purple blankie

She has missed her mom since she was a kitten and nurses the blanket while making biscuits as a substitute.

“Pixie is so cute ❤ she always nurse on soft blankets and I make sure I provide her a clean one to knead so she can comfort herself. She also prefer if I’m beside her until she falls asleep,” Ninja says.

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Here’s another beauty Ninja saved named Gabrielle, with one blue eye and one golden one.

Ninja's Rescued Kittens, Philippines, Gabrielle the cat with differently colored eyes

A Ninja of Kitten Rescuing

Rescuer Lady Logarta, nicknamed “Ninja” from Manila in the Philippines, has been rescuing cats since 2017. After rescuing a kitten drowning in a ditch, she decided to start her own rescue. Now, she’s celebrating 5 years of saving lives. It’s a constant struggle to feed and care for them all, but by saving these cats, they save her in return. It’s something we hear time and time again.

“There are times when I feel absolutely useless but my rescue cats makes the world a much happier place… sometimes I wonder.. did I save them? or did they save me? … ❤❤🐱,” she wrote.

What an angel this rescuer is for the cats of the Philippines. You can follow Ninja’s Rescued Kittens on Instagram and Patreon.

Lady Logarta or "Ninja"

Lady Logarta or “Ninja”

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