Rescued Kitten with Adorable Ears Is So Happy to Be Loved

A rescued kitten with Yoda like ears was brought into a veterinary clinic in North Carolina and instantly stole everyone’s heart.

This rescued kitten was found alone on the streets and after being examined they discovered she had an upper respiratory infection and a neck wound.

She was sent to Cabarrus Animal Hospital for treatment where she melted the hearts of all that came in contact with her.

“She is being treated by Dr. Alisha Kidwell, DVM. She is a sweet girl that is very affectionate,” explained Jana Aviles, a veterinary assistant at the hospital.

“They aren’t sure about her (exact) age. She is young, maybe around a year old. She’s very small for an adult cat.”

This adorable kitty weighs in at just under 7 pounds and often sticks out her tongue because some of her teeth are missing.

You have to admit, this just adds to her cuteness.

This delightful rescued kitten loves human company, especially when being cuddled and often get carried in the staff’s hoodies where she falls asleep, just like a baby kangaroo.

“She’s quiet and shy but melts in your hands when you start petting her. She is just a petite little cuddle-bug, a lap cat,” said Jana.

The staff at the animal hospital haven’t given her an official name yet, but because her ears resemble those of baby Yoda, she has affectional been nicknamed Yoda Cat.

Once she has fully recovered, this lucky kitty will be up for adoption where we are sure she will have a happy life in her forever home.

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