Romanian Mysterious Stones Grow and Move on Their Own, Many people believe that Romania is home to vampires, werewolves, and other eerie, fantastical creatures

Romanian Mysterious Stones Grow and Move on Their Own, Many people believe that Romania is home to vampires, werewolves, and other eerie, fantastical creatures

Many people believe that Romania is home to vampires, werewolves, and other eerie, fantastical creatures. However, the country is home to a more enigmatic object, and it is not a myth. When you learn about one of the world’s most bizarre artifacts, known as “Living Stones,” you will be perplexed. It could be in a small town in the country.

Trovants are mysterious stones discovered in the Romanian village of Costeti. The phrase, first used in naturalist Gh. M. Murgoci’s work “The Tertiary in Oltenia,” was used in Romanian geology to describe cemented sand.

People who visit these mysterious rock formations in Romania are perplexed.

These rocks, unlike regular stones, continue to grow, almost like living things.

The trovants, according to theory, are the result of earthquakes that shook the country six million years ago. Although the stones appear strange in their cemented shape, they piqued the interest of many scientists from around the world. However, something even more perplexing is going on with the stones.

Even scientists are baffled by such perplexing behavior in a supposedly non-living thing.


These stones were dubbed Living Stones and Stones that Grow because of their ability to grow.

The stones are also known as “The Stones that Grow” because they have the ability to grow in size as if they were living things. When it rains, fascinating new forms appear on the surface, giving rise to numerous stories. When the dormant stones are exposed to rainwater, they appear to come to life and begin to grow. The mysterious stones can range in size from a few millimeters to ten meters!

What most astounds me about these stones is their ability to migrate from one location to another on their own.

This phenomenon caused scientists to scratch their heads even more.

But these Living Stones are also capable of surprising feats. They also MOVE ON THEIR OWN from one location to another, which surprised me! They may be difficult to notice because they move so slowly, but they do move on their own!

Scientists are still unsure how these trovants develop and migrate on Earth. The ability of the rocks to expand is thought to be due to some compounds in their composition. A theory was then proposed to explain this.

“…any form of water rich in calcium carbonate is essential in forming a Trovant, and that is also the key to make the rock grow’ in the presence of rainwater. After every heavy rain shower, Trovants absorb the rain’s minerals. The minerals are combined with the chemicals already present in the stone that later creates a reaction and pressure inside. The pressure spontaneously makes the rock grow from the center to its margins and multiply, with a deposition rate of about 4-5 cm in 1000 years.”

These unusual stones are attracting a large number of tourists who are also perplexed by their structure.

These unusual stones are attracting a large number of tourists, many of whom are perplexed by their structure.

Other explanations for the trovant stones’ movements have been proposed. People have linked the Trovants mystery stones to magnetism, extraterrestrial intervention, and even strange energy vortexes that are said to exist nearby.

After cutting the stones in half, scientists discovered that they are made of cemented sands and mineral salts, providing a more reliable and logical explanation for the trovants’ actions. They also have strange internal rings that indicate their age, similar to tree rings. Then, experts deduced that these mysterious stones harbor inorganic life.

Geologists discovered a number of rings in the stones, similar to those found in trees, but they don’t know what they mean.

The trovants are mind-boggling, but they are absolutely amazing Mother Nature wonders.

Scientists believe that because of the mineral-salt concentration of the stones, the enigmatic stones could grow in size. They explained that when the rock’s surface becomes wet, the chemicals within it spread, putting pressure on the sand to grow.

The “Muzeul Trovantilor” or “Trovants Museum Natural Reserve” or Colesti Museum was built in 2004 to preserve the exceptional geological creations. Nonetheless, it was discovered that these stones are not indigenous to Romania. Other countries that have similar rock formations include the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

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