50 Times Pets Took The Best And Funniest Revenge That Will Make You Laugh Like Crazy

ou must have heard that revenge is best served cold. They say it right.
50 Times Pets Took The Best And Funniest Revenge That Will Make You Laugh Like Crazy

The best revenge is the one that you are not expecting.

You must have heard that revenge is best served cold. They say it right. Humans are disgusting when it comes to taking revenge but some acts of revenge are funny and you might end up laughing at them. These hilarious acts of revenge are not being taken by humans, it is our adorable furry animals who are taking revenge on their humans and furry friends. You will see them spilling their food, tearing apart the toilet paper and ruining your new car. They have their own way of doing things. We have compiled 50 photos where you can see them taking revenge. So, scroll down for some of the funniest revenge examples.

1. When you kick a dog, that’s how he takes revenge:

2. “My cat couldn’t get to his litter box because the toilet door was forgotten closed at night, so he spilt the litter bag himself and pooped on it…”

3. “My (4F) mother (30F) refused to get out of bed at 3:37am when I asked politely for treats, so I climbed up her bedroom door and got stuck.”

4. He is throwing tantrums because he is on a diet:

5. “Princess Pamela knocked over two plants… all because I didn’t feed her the moment I came home from work.”

6. Never leave your dogs alone in the car:

7. “The brown one always bullies the orange one. He finally got revenge!”

8. “Locked my cat in the bathroom while I made a meal because he was being annoying. Revenge was had.”

Cat: Human, will you ever dare again to lock me in the bathroom?

9. “This is Whisper. Whisper frequently sneaks outside, then gets angry when we don’t immediately notice her absence. If we stop to laugh at her foolishness before letting her back in, she licks the windows and SCREAMS:

10. “The cat was mad we weren’t home to feed her dinner, and got back at us by ripping apart a pack of bagels and taking a tiny bite out of EACH ONE.”

11. “Didn’t want the cat to splash my shorts when I was giving him bath so I took them off. Found him in bedroom after.”

12. Lesson: Never mess with a cat:

13. “Payback for buying cheap cat food”

14. “I told her off for sitting on the work surface so she did this…”

15. “My cat bites my dad whenever he’s paying attention to my mom and not him”

Cat: Human, how can you do this to me? I am the only one you should pay attention to.

16. “I didn‘t let my cat go outside for a day so he just broke the cat door. I found him in the garden looking very smug”

The way he is staring at his hooman tells how angry he is.

17. “A month later, tabby got his revenge”

18. “The birds had their revenge”

Even cats have bad days.

19. “I wouldn’t get up at 6:00 am to feed him so he dragged this bag of treats into the bathroom and tore it open. Merry Christmas!”

Cat: If you cannot wake up and feed me on time, I will tear the bag open and feed myself.

20. The face that your cat makes when you are out and come two hours past your cat’s dinner time:

21. “Put them on a raw meat diet!” they said…

It is not just us who love bagels.

22. “This is Bruce. Bruce assaulted his automatic feeder and then when it would not feed him, he decided that my bread was gonna get it.”

You better feed Bruce on time.

23. “Chester is getting revenge for all the times Cinnamon has sat on him”

24. “Maggie saw her moment for revenge and stole the cat’s bed”

We are sure, the cat is thinking to get a better revenge.

25. “When breakfast is at 7:00 but it’s 7:02 and you still haven’t been fed”

Human, better be on time else you will end up cleaning this mess all the time. Pets lose their shit when their humans get late to serve them food. They would literally throw tantrums. They would make such a scary face that you will never serve them food late again.

26. “He is ignoring me because I wouldn’t let him eat the diarrhea causing cactus”

27. When you are busy playing video games and not giving him time:

28. “Breakfast was late.”

29. “I pushed her off my lap because hey, I like *some* privacy in the bathroom.”

30. “Stealing the iPad is payback for putting her in the cone of shame”

31. “The grey cat was on top of the black one a few years ago and now the new kitty is getting revenge by doing the same to the grey one.”

32. “Fat cat traps yellow lab in corner and refuses to let him leave because he drank from the cats water bowl”

33. “This is what happens at 2am if you forget to give my Great Dane pup all 4 of her bedtime chew toys. She’s lucky she’s adorable because she’s definitely a jerk. Had to share after seeing the lab that did the same thing.”

34. “Someone was mad that she couldn’t fit in the kitty tent”

35. “Cheech lets you know he is ready for food by knocking books off if the bookshelf…… at 3am. This is him showing no shame amongst his mess”

36. “Dear mom, remember all those “adorable” outfits? Let’s see you buy more now. Love, Finn .”

37. “Sweet sweet revenge”

38. “When the big cat Dewey was a kitten, he used to bother all the cats, payback is a bitch.”

39. “Darth Meow’s evil revenge after being locked in the bathroom so we could eat in peace”

40. “Revenge for stolen dog bed”

41. “Shredder’s revenge”

42. “Left the planter on the spot where he usually sits. No basil for me, I guess”

43. “Dallas wanted me to know who’s boss because I wouldn’t give her more food when she finished her bowl.”

44. “Husband didn’t give him enough attention this morning. After snuggling him for 20 minutes…”

45. “I left for one night…”

46. “Revenge of the Conehead”

47. “My Dog Got A Bath Today. So he Stole My Blanket As Payback.”

48. “Pickles throws a temper tantrum anytime we don’t let him outside”

49. “Friend stayed out late last night. Her dog was lonely.”

50. “Trio of Magpie bullies learning there are consequences to being dicks to cats”


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