32 Dogs Who Got Booted Out Of Their Daycare Centers For The Most Hilarious Reasons

Pets deserve the full attention of their owners. That’s how they stay happy, healthy, and active.
32 Dogs Who Got Booted Out Of Their Daycare Centers For The Most Hilarious Reasons

Pets deserve the full attention of their owners. That’s how they stay happy, healthy, and active. But sometimes it’s just not possible to attend to your best friends all the time. Some dog owners are breadwinners for their families so they have to take out time to go to work. In such cases, dog owners resort to dog daycare centers. Professional and skilled people take care of the dogs and try their best to provide the dogs with the most dog-friendly and overall fun environment. The purpose is to make the dogs feel at home, to not miss their owners, and to make sure they meet their daily nutritional requirements, on time, to stay healthy.

However, never is it guaranteed that the dog will always behave well at the daycare center. Sometimes they do stuff that makes them serve detention, in this case, a time out, get warning letters, and in many cases get kicked out of the daycare center altogether.

Today, we have got for you guys stories from dog owners whose dogs got kicked out of dog daycare centers for the most hilarious reasons one could possibly think of. You will not believe some of these.

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1. Charlie was about to get kicked out for not being sociable. After getting a sister, things turned towards betterment.

2. The playtime activities are beneath her and the daycare doesn’t like that.

3. Did they sit a disciplinary committee on him?

4. I am lowkey glad they asked the pooper politely.

5. Come on, you cannot give them a timeout for getting excited.

6. You cut more than required. What else did you expect the dog to do? Say “It’s okay, honey”?

7. It’s okay sweeties. You are Huskies, you don’t need any schooling.

8. He just couldn’t help it.

9. It’s a care center for dogs and she is a dog. That should be enough requirement.

10. He thought he was in a prison and freed all the prisoner dogs.

11. I would declare you a legend if you actually do this.


12. Understandable.

13. Now that is not fair.

14. The big boss.

15. She was not made for this generation. She was supposed to come a century later.

Dogs never fail to surprise. These stories are so freaking hilarious. I mean, it is actually the factor of dumbness that makes these experiences funnier.

I hope the kicked-out dogs will work hard on their deficiencies and soon find a suitable daycare center to chill comfortably in.

Let’s enjoy some more funny stories of dogs getting booted out of dog daycare centers. Scroll down below to continue reading.

16. Carlos got booted for being overprotective.

17. No, don’t separate them. They may still be able to work things out if given a chance.

18. It looked like a sheep, they couldn’t help themselves.

19. Maybe he was pissed at other dogs for having better toys so he pissed on them.

20. No place for entitled dogs.

21. That is a red flag.

22. It’s like they got a doggy suspension.

23. Pick on someone of your own size. No, he could not.


24. They wanted to establish authority but failed at it.

25. Love is just not in our control. If it happens, it happens.

26. You do not want to make the lady mad.

27. Can’t touch this.

28. He got the kick for being an alpha male because he knew he had good looks.

29. Woah, something that will be taught in the books of history 10 years down the road.

30. That is not good behavior, good boys.

31. You can tell he was fully aware of what he was doing while he was doing it.

32. Rose got a warning letter.

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