22 Pets Who Refused To Leave Their Owner’s Side

Pets Who Refused To Leave Their Owner’s Side
22 Pets Who Refused To Leave Their Owner’s Side

The bond between animals and their owners is called “inseparable” for a reason.

It is a universal rule that positives and negatives will always attract each other. Take magnets, for instance, the south pole will only touch the north pole and never the south pole. A negative charge will always bind to a positive charge. Same charges will always move apart. I think this is the reason why humans and animals always form such a strong bond. Animals are the complete opposite of humans, although there are some similarities, animals are very different from us and far superior and I think that is why the bond between an owner and their pet is ever so strong. If you think about it, I might have cracked the code as to why so many human couples take divorced every year. Because it’s a bond between two humans and the same poles repel. I must publish this study.

Thanks to this theory, animals, and humans live happily together. As soon as that inseparable bond forms, there is no option of going back. After, there is only love, affection, care, and joy. Pets take up the responsibility to keep their owners happy, stress-free, and entertained all the time. And all they demand in return is unlimited love, undying affection, and lots of treats. They deserve it. And the love becomes so deep and pure, that the animals refuse to leave their owners’ side no matter what.

Today we are going to enjoy some very wholesome pictures of pet animals not leaving their owners for even a second because they care too much.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. This cat would never let his owner move out of his side, not even in the bath. So they decided to get her a chair so she could comfortably sit on it and watch him take a bath.

Via Chopper200 / Reddit

2. This human wasn’t in favor of adopting a cat. Now they are literally stuck to each other forever.

And by literally I mean the owner’s head and the cat’s paws.

Via gundam2017 / Reddit

3. This is how Nova reacted to her owners returning home from a festival. She had been anxiously waiting for them and looked so happy now that they are home.

Via Freiyah / Reddit

4. He can’t see his owner while he is laying down so he cutely raises his limb up knowing this his owner will hold it and that is how the two interact.

This is the most adorable thing ever.

Via BeniGoat / Reddit

5. Enough space for the little one to take a comfortable nap.

Via Amag140696 / Reddit

6. Boyfriend has a dog who fell in love with his girlfriend now they can’t be separate no matter how hard anyone tries.

Via kinggrizzlythehammer / Reddit

7. Meet Leo, Every time his owner goes to the bathroom t brush their teeth, he would follow, sit in this exact same position every time, and watch his owner brush his teeth.

Via Causallyblonde / Reddit

8. A superhero family let this gorgeous cat inside their house during a tough hurricane. They have been living happily together ever since.

Via amondeu / Reddit

9. Just when the owners are about to work, their pets will capitalize on the opportunity and make such faces so they can’t work.

Via SswearToShakeItUp / Reddit

10. She couldn’t recognize her owner’s voice when her owner said “Hi” on the phone. So she just went to the door and decided to wait till her owner came back.

Via alottaskeptical / Reddit

11. They didn’t like how their owner went to the office every day so one morning they decided they won’t let them wash their face so they can’t go to work.

Via MarreMER / Reddit

I swear my wholesomeness levels are at an all-time high. I love the fact that the animals just won’t leave their owners’ side. They are making love to a whole new level and are making it very hard for humans to catch up. Thank god animals exist, God knows where we would’ve been without them.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures of animals showing pure love to their owners.

12. Look at the smile, the dog wants to be where it is right now.

Via Smc1309 / Reddit

13. He still thinks he can fit into his owner’s lap. Some habits never change.

Via camfoss1995 / Reddit

14. Couple that takes selfies together, stays together.

Via violetadragon / Reddit

15. The entire gang was already in the bathroom to welcome their owner. They all watch them poop.

Via redgoldhandcream / Reddit

16. Somebody glued the cats to their owner and no one is mad about it.

Via karleebabe / Reddit

17. Can you guess what this chinchilla’s favorite spot in the whole world is?

Via susubgugu / Reddit

18. Sorry, Dad. You are not allowed to poop or shower unless you invite us as an audience.

Via thiefx / Reddit

19. Give me attention, hooman, These video games won’t get you anywhere.

Via CharonIntegrity / Reddit

20. He is waiting outside his owner’s room waiting for him to wake up so they can finally start the day.

Via carolcorps90 / Reddit

21. This is how this woman’s cat wakes her up every morning. No, she is not slapping her, she just rests her paw on her owner’s chin until she wakes up.

Via rosemount888 / Reddit

22. Size doesn’t matter, only love does.

Via LazyTyrant / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. How do feel about this level of pet-owner love?

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