22 Of The Then Vs. Now Photos Of Pets Who Got Older But Still Act Like Babies

Then Vs. Now Photos Of Pets
22 Of The Then Vs. Now Photos Of Pets Who Got Older But Still Act Like Babies

Animals never grow old; they stay babies their whole life.

No matter how big our furry friends get, they choose to act like babies and you can’t change it. Our pets just love being babied and we don’t seem to mind. It’s hilarious to see fully-grown animals acting like little babies. Well, they look extra cute when they act like small babies despite being all grown. Animals refuse to outgrow because growing up is too boring. We have done the legwork for you and have collected before and after photos of our pets who have chosen not to grow up. Scroll down to witness the overloaded cuteness of these pets.

1. 3 years ride.

Source: CeeDot85 / reddit

2. Meet Arlo at 2 months old and at 8 months old. He is obsessed with his toy.

Source: pureadobaby / reddit

3. Meet Loki, the cutest furball.

Source: Tristhar / reddit

4. 8 weeks vs 10 months.

Source: venusianpisces / reddit

5. From kitten to a fully grown cat.

Source: coatimundi01 / reddit

6. Is the doggo growing so fast or the toy has shrunk?

Source: s_braat / reddit

7. The struggle of fitting in this bed.

Source: elijaaaaah / reddit

8. Seven years apart but the behavior hasn’t changed a bit.

Source: 2mgxan / reddit

9. Little baby has grown up so fast.

Source: LizaDoMuch / reddit

10. I want to snuggle, human!

Source: SnooGrapes1977 / reddit

11. Four months vs. a year old babies.

Source: cervidaes / reddit

Pets adopt some habits from their childhood and they stick to them their whole life. How beautiful and adorable these fully grown pets look! We are obsessed. From getting into your hoodie to sleeping on your chest, looks like these pets have never aged. Well, if they refuse to accept they have grown up, so should you and treat them like your little babies. Give them warm hugs, lap snuggles and body rubs.

12. Some habits never change.


Source: Stumbling_Corgi / reddit

13. Two months old vs. 3 years old.

Source: bluexwhales / reddit

14. That’s how he always liked sleeping.

Source: mamaneed-espresso / reddit, scalpelChick93 / reddit

15. From 4 months old to two years old. Meet the happiest boy in town.

Source: 69NatalieMarie / reddit

16. Four months old Juno vs 12 months old Juno on our favorite hiking trail.

© Trailsend85 / reddit

17. When you love playing with the mud.

Source: junoAndMe / reddit

18. From 8-week-old kitten to a fully grown cat a year later, enjoying the lap snuggles.

Source: myapurple / reddit

19. Pillow is getting smaller.

Source: Big_Tension / reddit

20. Bestfriends who grow together, stay together.

Source: GoFundMeow / reddit

21. No longer a small boy.

Source: kissiwarrior / reddit

22. The pet behavior hasn’t changed.

Source: hacknowledge / reddit

We love the pet behavior, it adds so much fun to our lives and gives us a reason to take our phone out and capture their beautifully adorable moments. Does your pet still act like a baby? If yes, leave a comment below!

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