Nobodу Wаnted To Adoрt Thеse 3 Blind Cats, But This Wоman Did

A cat named Blue and his sisters Meadow and Little Willow were found abandoned in a warehouse in Dubai just before Christmas of 2014. When the rescuers found them, they were completely blind because they got a cat flu that was left untreated.

The trio was taken into a foster home until they could find a forever home. At some point, the big brother Blue nearly got adopted by the previous owner’s neighbor, but the poor kitty couldn’t stand living without his siblings. He cried all night and went around the house to look for them.

After all, the three cats were all reunited in the foster home. Sadly, months passed and still no one wanted to give them a forever home. That was until the fateful night of 19 February 2015, a woman named Catherine Magno came along and took them under her wing.


Catherine was worried about her new pet friends because she knew that caring for blind pets was overwhelming and could be challenging. However, she still decided to adopt them as she knew that she couldn’t resist these cute cats.


“But their story touched my heart so much that I couldn’t bear the thought of them put in a cage at vet facility indefinitely or even worse,” Catherine told us.


Catherine was so happy as they quickly adapted to the new home. “Except for blind pets lacking vision, they are no different than other cats. They each have their own personalities. But equally affectionate and wanting constantly to be by your side.”


Despite having a rough life in the past, the family of three blind cats finally found their forever home that they want. Even when they are blind, they will never let anything stop them from living a happy life.


“Blind pets see through their hearts,” Catherine said.




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