Meet Zo The Cat Who Possesses Her Heart On Her Chest Literally

Introducing Zo, a kitten with a heart-shaped patch of black fur on her chest from birth. Her sister Izzy and her were adорted by Joanne Smienk. Joane first adорted Izzy, her sister. However, after taking one glance at Zo and her large heart patch, she decided to take her home.

Because they were adорted together, the two tuxedo cat sisters were able to maintain their relationship. The cat Zo has exquisite fur between her breasts that is unmatched in beauty. She goes by both the names “Queen Of Hearts” and “The Fluff,” but her longer coat has given her the moniker “The Fluff.”

Zo and her sister Izzy have their own Instagram account with impressive following on social media. They currently have nearly 75,000 followers on Instagram, Zo is now a raising start in the internet community. At first, most attention went to Zo because of the heart shaped patch on her chest. But recently, the sisters have become equally popular as Izzy has amassed quite the fanpase of her own due to her irresistible and expressive face.

Here are some adorable photos of two cats. Scroll down to see these photos and see if they can win over your heart as well!

Meet sweet Zo the cat, who literally wears her heart on her chest.

The two tuxedo sisters remained together because of their first love.

Zoe’s heart and fur increased as she matured.

She goes by the nicknames “The Fluff” and “Queen Of Hearts,” respectively.

She occasionally has the court jester persona.

maybe the world’s most serious cat

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