Made in USA Cat Supplies: The Ultimate Source List

Made in USA cat inventories is a cat- egory( sorry, I could not repel!) where you do not have to compromise. We’ve set up everything you need cat food, cat treats, cat toys, cat collars and cat harnesses, rasp, cat coverlet, food coliseums, waste box inventories, and fixing products. Seriously, could there be anything we missed?

We all want to make sure our nimble musketeers have the safest and stylish cat inventories. Make sure those cat inventories are American made!

Made in USA Cat Supplies

The Cat Ball® Made in USA Cat Bed

The Cat Ball ® made in USA cat bed is a ultramodern designed six sided cat bed with two openings. It’s made of fabric and froth so it can be folded, smashed, crushed, smoothed, and stylish of all, it can be washed. It contains no cables or frames. pussycats love to get inside effects, and the unique delve
– suchlike design of The Cat Ball ® helps them feel cozy and safe. The Cat Ball ® is more that just a bed. Your cat will use it like a stronghold too, zipping inside to watch the “ prey ” around her.

The Cat Ball ® is made in small batches in Washington state and new fabric choices are offered throughout the time. Fits pussycats up to about 18- 19 pounds.

Made in USA Cat Supplies: The Cat Bed made in USA cat beds. ave 15% on your Cat Ball® purchase with coupon code USALOVE . Valid through March 30, 2022, on first time purchase only.

Skinny Pete’s Cap Nip

Skinny Pete’s Gourmet Catnip is a ‘ meow & paw ” company grounded in Rochester Hills, Michigan. They were innovated in 2017 by Rich & Lisa Jackson with the charge is to bring high quality, hand drafted catnip gifts to request. Catnip is a delightful treat for pussycats and for their possessors too!

Their flagship product is the Three Piece Gourmet Catnip Gift Set. Each set comes complete with three drums of organic catnip. Each drum contains a unique mix of epicure organic catnip. There is “ Blue Meowy Wowy ” catnip mix with blue- tinted flakes and a hint of spearmint. “ Furmaceutical Grade ” is finely base unflavored green catnip. The “ Purruvian Pink ” mix has pink- tinted flakes and a hint of peppermint. Each drum contains about.2 ounces of dried catnip, all home grown in the USA. Also included with this gift set is a small cloth bag to stuff with catnip and use as a cat toy. This set makes a great gift!

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Made in USA Cat Supplies: The Ultimate Source List

Do you have a favorite American made cat product that didn’t make our list? Please share in the comments.

Cat Collars and Cat Harnesses

  • Lupine Pet makes adjustable cat collars and H-Style cat harnesses. The quality of their harnesses is impeccable. The woven nylon webbing offers greater durability and the safety buckles are easy to open and close. These collars come in many fun colors and patterns too!
  • Up Country designer cat collars and cat harnesses have been manufactured in Rhode Island for 30 years. There are many designs to choose from, so you are sure to find a pattern that matches your cat’s personality!

Cat Toys

Skinny Pete’s Gourmet Catnip is made in Michigan. All Skinny Pete’s Gourmet Catnip is made in the USA and organic. Their most popular item is the Three Piece Gourmet Catnip Gift Set. This set includes 3 drums of epicure blended catnip that your kitty is sure to love! Also included is a cloth bag to stuff with catnip and use as a cat toy. Learn further about Skinny Pete’s Gourmet Catnip at the top of this post. Take 10 out all Skinny Pete’s Catnip particulars at checkout with law USALOVE. One- time use, no expiration date.

American Made Cat Supplies: Skinny Pete's Catnip Take 10% off all Skinny Pete's Cat Nip items at checkout with code USALOVE. One-time use, no expiration date. #usalovelisted #madeinUSA #catnip
Take 10% off all Skinny Pete’s Catnip items at checkout with code USALOVE. One-time use, no expiration date.
  • Da Bird Feather Teaser is handcrafted in the USA.
  • I have never met a cat that didn’t go nuts over feathers! These PetCandy cat toys are handmade and filled with farm grown catnip.
  • PurrfectPlay cat toys, blankets, collars, and more are made in Indiana.
  • The Pussums Cat Company Dr. Pussums Fancy Feline Elixir catnip toys are made in Maine.

Scratchers and Climbers

  • Beatrise Pet Products offers high quality rasp, rovers, beds, cat trees, and more all made in USA.
  • Catty Stacks durable cardboard cat condos are made in California.
  • Imperial Cat cat rasp are made in the USA from corrugated cardboard and come in numerous different shapes and sizes. The twisted top of this style makes it perfect for Kitty to chesterfield on. A bag of pukka organic catnip is included!
  • The Ripple Hairpiece can be reconfigured daily to produce new play- spaces, a bed, a scratching spot, or a safe place to hide, thereby helping help tedium and adding exercise. The carpet is made in the USA using recycledpost-consumer p astic bottles. 1 Ripple Hairpiece = 24 Plastic Bottles, and to date the company has reclaimed over bottles.
  • The Scratch Lounge, made in Illinois, is a three sided cat scrape that’s large enough for pussycats of all sizes to enjoy.
    Sticky Paws cat clawing interference stops pussycats from destroying cabinetwork and drapes.

Feeding & Watering

  • Bauer Potter colorful cat dishes are made in South Carolina.
  • YES! Fiesta has a line of Petware bowls so that your four-legged friend can have the same high quality, lead-free dishes that you do. The Scatter Print Cat Bowl Medium is the perfect size for making it easy for your cat king or queen to grab their food easily.
  • The Petmate replenish watering system is made in Arlington, Texas.

Cat Food and Supplements

Please note: As I mentioned in a USA Love List post about natural pet food,  vitamins and many supplements that are added to some pet foods are not sourced in the USA. Though a food may be made in the USA, ingredients could be sourced elsewhere. 

  • Dragonfly Botanicals I have a very anxious cat and I’ve never seen her so relaxed! It made my heart swell to see her in bliss! After I gave her the appropriate dose of Dragonfly Botanicals CBD Hemp Oil for Pets, it took a short while, perhaps 15-30 minutes, for her to be incredibly relaxed. She turned over on her stomach for me to pet her – something she’s never done before. I highly recommend this product if your cat suffers from anxiety.
  • Lotus holistic grain-free canned pate is manufactured in California from natural ingredients.
  • Merrick makes cat food (in both wet and dry varieties), as well as pet treats in Hereford, Texas.
  • RedBarn Naturals premium grain free cat food and pet treats are made in the USA. I must confess, I was surprised when my cat chowed the Beef Pate, especially when seeing parsley and cranberries as an ingredient. She loves it!
  • Vital Essentials is a pioneer in the raw pet food industry. They are a family-owned company, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, making high-quality raw frozen and freeze-dried pet food, snacks, and treats. The Chicken Freeze-Dried Grain-Free Meal Boost Topper is a great way to get additional protein and fat into your cat’s meal. I feel good about feeing my feline friend Vital Essentials because its ingredients are clean, and without preservatives.
  • Whole Earth Farms canned and dry cat food is grain-free and American made with natural ingredients- none of which are sourced from China.
  • Wysong holistic cat food is manufactured in the USA with most of the ingredients sourced in the USA.
  • American made Alaska Naturals Alaskan Wild Salmon Oil is a natural supplement for cats that promotes healthy skin and anti-oxidant support.

Cat Bedding

The Cat Ball® cat bed is a modern designed six sided cat bed with two openings. It is made of fabric and foam so it can be folded, smashed, crushed, flattened, and best of all, it can be washed. The Cat Ball® is made in small batches in Washington state and new fabric choices are offered throughout the year. Fits cats up to about 18-19 pounds. Learn more about The Cat Ball® at the top of this article.

Save 15% on your Cat Ball® purchase with coupon code USALOVE . Valid through March 30, 2022, on first time purchase only.
  • Bessie + Barnie luxury Eco-friendly and washable pet beds and blankets are made in USA.
  • The Snugatti nestable pet bed by Dog Crazy Designs is available in a Mini size that is perfect for cats! The washable Snugatti is made in Alaska. The Snugatti is made with clean, shredded furniture foam, making it an Eco-friendly item.

Litter Box Necessities

Waste- Robot is the ultimate waste box result and it happens to also be made in the USA. You will noway go back to your old waste box again. I love my cat but I can not say I love drawing her waste box. I was so happy to find this waste box result, I can not indeed tell you! Whether you have one or multiple pussycats, the Litter- Robot is a life- changing waste box that you will be glad you have.

It’s an automatic tone- drawing waste box. Its patented sifting system automatically separates waste from clean waste, so you noway have to lade waste again. A clean cycle will start automatically formerly your cat exits the unit. The effective cleaning process removes the clumps, conserving the clean waste, and depositing the clumps into a hole below the unit. The mechanics of the Litter- Robot also greatly reduces odor.

  • CitiKitty is a cat toilet training system-yes, you can train your cat to use the toilet!
  • Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract litter is made in the USA and specially formulated for cats that don’t like to use the litter box.
  • Drymate Cat Box Mat is absorbent, reduces litter tracking, and is machine washable.
  • KittyGoHere senior cat box has a side with a 3 inch opening so older cats can get in easier.
  • Litter Lifter Scoop is an award-winning American made clog free litter scoop.
  • Naturally Fresh litter is 100% walnut based and is virtually dust free. Available in several varieties.
  • World’s Best cat litter is made with whole kernel corn and other safe ingredients. It’s quick clumping, 99% dust free, and has odor control too.

Bathing, Grooming, Flea Control

  • Apple Valley Natural Soap sells a variety of plastic-free pet shampoos. I love using this brand because I trust the ingredients. The natural pet shampoo is made with the ingredients to complement your cat’s skincare needs. Shea butter moisturizes and adds luster and shine to the coat. Colloidal oats act as an anti-inflammatory treatment to calm your pet’s skin and essential oils of lemongrass, frankincense & cedarwood have a multitude of benefits some of which include soothing abilities and calming effects on the nervous system, treating and repelling common pests like fleas and ticks.
  • Burt’s Bees Waterless Cat Shampoo, and Dander Reducing Wipes are 98% natural.
  • Made in California, earthbath offers a fabulous selection of safe, natural cat grooming products that include shampoos, foams, and wipes.
  • The Kong Zoom Groom brush for cats is made in the USA from natural rubber. The Zoom Groom massages your cat while removing loose fur.
  • Sentry Petrodex dental spray controls cat plaque and bad breath.
  • Synergy Labs Dental Fresh water additive whitens a cats teeth while providing fresh breath.
  • Tropiclean oral care products and shampoos for cats are made in the USA from natural ingredients sourced within the USA.

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