Just When They Think Their Cat Can’t Get Any Cuter and Fluffier

Soon after he moved into his new home, he stood on his hind quarters and hid his front paws in his ever so fuzzy coat while looking into the eyes of his humans. Whatever he asked, he got!

Meet Gimo the cat! The front paws have disappeared into all the floof!

At an early age, he has mastered the art of demanding attention.

When he sees a suspicious intruder, those eyes go into detective mode!

Gimo reminds his human to put down her phone and tend the kitty!

He gets bigger and fluffier!

Gimo gets up on a case of water bottles to help him become taller!

His glorious mane is coming into fruition.

Do you see another kitty in this picture?

Just when his humans found it impossible to say no to his demands, he tilted his head to make it even harder.

All grown up now! Those marbly eyes!

Gimo loves nothing more than snuggling in his human’s lap and getting spoiled!

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