How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost? (2023 Guide)

Your faves are like family members. So when the unanticipated happens, and your pet gets sick or hurt, you want to be suitable to go their health care. Pet insurance is a good option for numerous precious parents to help minimize what they pay in warhorse bills and rather pay a standard decoration each month.

Pet insurance costs between$ 38 and$ 56 per month for an adult canine and between$ 20 and$ 30 per month for an adult cat. also, if you add on a precautionary care package, you can anticipate to pay an fresh$ 10 to$ 25 per month on top of your pet insurance decoration.

The exact cost of your pet insurance decoration will depend on your pet’s age, strain and position. The provider and content situations you choose will also impact your yearly cost.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Compare costs between popular pet insurance providers:


How Much is Pet Insurance for Dogs?

According to our comparison of the top 10 pet insurance providers, the average cost of pet insurance is$ 56 per month for adult tykes and$ 53 per month for puppies.

Pet Insurance Cost by Dog Breed

You can compare the average monthly costs of insuring popular dog breeds with the chart below.

As you can see in the table, the price of coverage for your pet increases as they get older. You may see only a modest increase each year until your dog turns about six, when the cost of coverage may start to escalate more quickly.

Dog Insurance Cost by Provider

ManyPets and Pet’s Best are, on average, the cheapest pet insurance plans for dogs. Compare the monthly rates of top providers below:

Cost of Pet Insurance for Cats

According to our comparison of 10 of the top pet insurance providers, the average cost of pet insurance is $30 per month for adult cats and $27 per month for kittens.

Cat Insurance Cost by Cat Breed

As you can see in the chart below, the cost of accident and illness coverage for cats can vary dramatically depending on your pet’s breed and age.

Cat Insurance Cost by Provider

On average, ManyPets and Pet’s Best are the cheapest pet insurance plans for cats. Compare the average monthly rates of top providers below:

5 Factors That Impact Pet Insurance Prices

Your pet’s age, strain and position, and the chosen content options and abatements will all impact the overall cost of assuring your pet.

1. Coverage Options

utmost pet insurance providers allow you to customize your periodic limit, deductible and payment rate. You’ll generally pay the smallest yearly decoration if you choose a low periodic limit, low payment chance and high deductible. still, you’ll pay further out of fund when your pet goes to the warhorse.

2. strain

types with a advanced threat of certain health conditions will bring further to ensure each month. thoroughbred faves can be fitted to ails that can make veterinary care more precious, driving up the price of a pet insurance policy.

3. Age

The cost of covering a elderly pet will always be more precious than a youngish one, but each provider has different programs about when and how it raises decorations.

utmost pet insurance companies allow you to enroll your pet at 6 weeks old. Some companies have a maximum age limit for registration, frequently ranging from 10 to 14 times. thus, if you have a elderly canine or cat, you ’ll need to find a company that doesn’t have upper age limits.

So, when should you enroll your pet in a plan? Patrik Holmboe, Head Veterinarian at Cooper Pet Care, suggested, “ Overall, the stylish time to enroll your pet in pet insurance is when they’re youthful and healthy. principally, the sooner, the better! ” utmost pet insurance companies do not cover preexisting conditions, and their chance of developing them increases as they progress. Holmboe added, “ utmost programs are cheaper for youngishpets.However, utmost insurance programs allow you to either cinch in this lower price or gain some form of reduction as the beast periods, If you start beforehand. ”

4. position

The average cost of veterinary care where you live can impact the cost of your pet insurance policy. For illustration, consider these three quotations from Healthy Paws. All three quotations are for the same plan for a 1- time-old, mixed- strain canine, but the yearly decoration varies depending on where the pet lives

New York City,N.Y.$52.11
Houston, Texas$35.44

To get the most accurate understanding of how important pet insurance costs where you live, get a quotation from your preferred pet insurance provider. We recommend getting quotations from at least three providers to find the stylish price and content for your furry companion.

5. Abatements

numerous providers offer abatements when you enroll multiple faves or pay for your periodic content outspoken. also, some providers offer abatements for policyholders who are military members or beast care workers. Compare top companies ’ abatements below.


How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Once you enroll in pet insurance, your content will begin after the staying period. Depending on your provider, the staying period is generally between two days and two weeks. Flash back, the treatment won’t be eligible for content if your pet is injured or ill during the staying period.

After the staying period ends, you can take your pet to any licensed veterinarian for treatment. You ’ll pay the warhorse, submit a claim and latterly get refunded from your provider.

How important your pet insurance provider will repay you depends on your chosen payment rate. In general, the advanced your payment position, the advanced your yearly decoration will be.

Do All Veterinarians Accept Pet Insurance?

Yes, you can go to any veterinarian when you have pet insurance. generally, you’ll pay your full warhorse bill outspoken and file a claim to your insurance company for payment. Once your pet insurance provider approves your claim, you’ll be refunded for your warhorse visit. The chance of aggregate charges your provider will cover depends on your plan options.

still, some providers like Trupanion and faves Stylish mate with stagers to automatically reuse your payment, so you do n’t have to pay the whole bill outspoken, If you want to avoid filing a claim and staying for payment.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Every pet insurance provider offers slightly different plans. still, the most common accident and illness programs cover the following

Accidents and injuries( broken bones, poisonous ingestions, suck
individual testing( MRIs,X-rays, CAT reviews, bloodwork,etc.)
Major and minor ails( cancer, epilepsy, disinclinations, observance infections,etc.)
tradition drug
Surgical procedures

utmost pet insurance providers also offer an voluntary heartiness add- on covering precautionary care costs like checks, behavioral remedy, vaccinations, spaying/ neutering, test freights, microchipping and further.

What Is Not Covered by Pet Insurance?

What isn’t covered by pet insurance also varies slightly by provider. still, utmost providers have the following rejections

Preexisting conditions, including any illness or health issue your pet had before registration in content
ails or injuries that came about during your plan’s waiting period
Precautionary care( unless explicitly covered or you enroll in a heartiness add- on plan)
Cosmetic procedures
optional procedures
gestation/ parentage

Some pet insurance companies, like Embrace, will cover a curable preexisting condition after a specific staying period as long as the symptoms aren’t recreating.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

numerous pet parents feel that pet insurance is worth it, but it may not be the right choice for everyone. Becky Simmonds, professional canine coach and behaviorist at Breed Advisor, suggested that pet insurance may be a good option if

You ’re uncertain you ’d be suitable to pay for an unanticipated warhorse bill
Having insurance would give you peace of mind
You have a canine or cat strain prone to certain inheritable health problems like hipsterism dysplasia or cancer

Everyone’s circumstances are different, so weigh the costs and benefits of enrolling in a pet insurance plan for yourself.

Average Costs of Pet Medical Treatments

The eschewal- of- fund cost for pet medical care can rack up snappily Serious procedures or treatments like ACL surgery, chemotherapy and foreign object junking can bring thousands of bones
. But indeed treatments for common affections like diarrhea or observance infections can bring hundreds.


How We Gathered Our Cost Data

Overall cost Pars We spoke with veterinary professionals and equaled hundreds of sample quotations to determine our overall cost pars for pet insurance.

Cost data by provider We pulled sample quotations from 10 pet insurance providers with analogous criteria for easy comparison. Our provider data is grounded on quotations we requested for a medium, mixed- strain canine in Raleigh,N.C., with an 80 payment rate,$ 250 periodic deductible and the maximum periodic limit offered by the separate provider.

Cost data by strain We estimated cost data for 30 canine and cat types. To gather this cost information, we equaled quotations from five providers via PetInsurer for each strain.

Cost data by age We looked at pet insurance quotes for puppies gibs, adult faves and elderly faves to compare cost changes as your pet periods. We pulled strain- and provider-specific data for each age range.

Methodology Our System for Ranking the Stylish Pet Insurance Companies

Our review of pet insurance companies is grounded on in- depth assiduity exploration that includes reading hundreds of client reviews, scoping quotations and copping
processes by secret shopping, speaking to representatives on the phone to assess the client service experience, and surveying,000 canine and cat possessors civil to determine the most important rudiments of pet insurance content.

We scored each provider on a 100- point scale grounded on those rudiments. We also divided this final score by 20 to calculate an overall star standing out of5.0 stars.

Then are further details about each factor and how it’s weighted

Yearly pricing( 25 points) The stylish pet insurance companies combine comprehensive content and plan options with affordable rates.
Plans( 15 points) The top pet insurance companies offer accident- and- illness plans, accident-only plans and heartiness or preventative care add- ons to give guests the option to choose a plan that’s stylish for their pet.
Covered treatments( 15 points) We scored companies grounded on the treatments and procedures they cover. Companies with a breadth of included treatments and unique contents entered more points than providers with further standard or general programs.
Customization options( 10 points) Providers with further periodic limit, deductible and payment- rate options earned the loftiest scores.
client care( 10 points) We scored companies on their website availability and overall usability, client service vacuity, mobile apps( if any), plutocrat- reverse guarantees and veterinarian telehealth options, awarding points to the insurers with further client experience immolations.
Assiduity character( 10 points) We reviewed over- to- date conditions and delegation information from the Better Business Bureau( BBB) and scored companies on their times of experience in the assiduity and their state vacuity.
staying ages( 10 points) Companies with shorter accident, illness and orthopedic waiting ages between the sign- up and content launch date scored advanced than companies with longer staying ages.
Eligible age( 5 points) Some companies do n’t offer programs for faves that are over a certain age. We subtracted points from providers that have age limits for covered faves .

We use our standing system to compare and differ each company against crucial factors to help us determine the stylish pet insurance companies in the assiduity. To learn more, read our full pet insurance methodology for reviewing and scoring providers.

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