Homeless cat ‘without eyelids’ can finally see properly after receiving surgery from a kind vet… and has now started a new life with a loving owner

A stray cat with a serious eye disease is finally able to see properly after receiving life-changing surgery.

Fei Fei the moggy was found on a busy motorway of Chengdu, China, by animal lovers who took it to the vet.

The brave cat suffered from entropion, a condition where its upper and lower eyelids roll inwards, which can lead to inflammation and eventually complete blindness.

He Jinyi, Fei Fei’s vet told that the cat was taken to his clinic in April. The animal is between one and two years old and is a boy.

The 27-year-old vet said Fei Fei, whose name means ‘chubby’, was such a joy to everyone at the I and You Veterinary Clinic in Chengdu.

Dr He explained: ‘We have many animals here, but Fei Fei was especially popular.

‘It had a lovely personality and was friendly to everyone. It was not a picky eater and was always very happy.’

Dr He, who has worked as a vet for five years, said when Fei Fei first arrived, its condition was so serious it could barely open its swollen eyes.

After medical examination, Dr He found out that Fei Fei didn’t have normal eyelids.

He said both Fei Fei’s upper and lower eyelids turned inwards against its eyeballs, and the cat also had fleas and various skin diseases.

Fei Fei’s Vet, He Jinyi (Left), Said The Moggy Was Such A Joy To Everyone At The Clinic. He Said The Cat Was Not A Picky Eater And Was Always Very Happy. Fei Fei Is Pictured (Right) While Recovering

The clinic put Fei Fei under observation for about a month and gave it vaccines. They performed an operation on it at the end of May.

Now Fei Fei can finally see things clearly with its ‘big’ and ‘gorgeous’ eyes, said Dr He, who claimed himself to be a big fan of Fei Fei.

The cat was discharged from the clinic in early July after making a full recovery from its eyes and skin diseases.

The Two Pictures Above Show Fei Fei Before (Left) And After (Right) The Eye Operation. The Stray Cat, From China, Was Helped By Animal Lovers And A Vet From Losing Its Sight

Mr Chen, one of the animal lovers who found Fei Fei, said the cat was saved on Chengdu’s Wuhou Elevated Road on March 16 as it ran between fast cars.

After bringing Fei Fei to a safety area, Mr Chen and his colleague from Qiming Small Animal Protection Association realised its eyes were strange. They took it to the vet.

Fei Fei đã hồi phục hoàn toàn sau tình trạng mắt

Mr Chen said his organisation found an owner for Fei Fei after posting an advertisement online.

The cat is now living a happy life with its owner, who is a young painter.

Apparently, the life-changing surgery has not only helped Fei Fei save its sight, but also made it an internet star.

A set of pictures showing the cat before and after the operation have been widely shared on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.

An animal protection group from Chengdu has found an owner for Fei Fei (pictured) after the feline was discharged from the clinic in early July
An Animal Protection Group From Chengdu Has Found An Owner For Fei Fei After The Feline Was Discharged From The Clinic In Early.

Thousands of people have been impressed by Fei Fei’s bright eyes and praised the cat for braving the operation.

Dr He said his clinic reduced the medical bills for Fei Fei and he was ‘happy and proud’ that he could help improve the life quality for homeless animals.

Mr Chen from Qiming Small Animal Protection Association said he and his colleagues would try their best to provide a shelter to stray dogs and cats.

Mr Chen also called for the establishment of animal protection laws in China as soon as possible.

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