Curious Cat Sneaks Into Zoo Enclosure And Becomes Best Friends With A Lonely Lynx

Haven’t you always loved visiting the zoo? I don’t know about you, but I’ve known so many people who still love going to the zoo.

Children and adults love visiting the zoo because it’s filled with so many different kinds of animals you would’ve never seen roaming the city. Zoos are full of surprises because you never know what to expect when you casually peek into different enclosures.

We’ve seen orangutans communicating with pregnant women, tigers creeping up on children, monkeys playing patty-cakes, or that gorilla who gave the one-finger salute to a visitor. Usually, it’s humans who go zoo sight-seeing, not cats, but today you’re about to see the extraordinary.

If you’ve ever nurtured a cat, you probably already know that they love exploring places we’d never think of and they can sense danger. Cats would prefer to stay miles away from anything that threatens their existence.

Not this cat, though. What this curious, yet brave, cat attempted would have easily swiped off eight of its nine lives, but instead something magical happened.

Welcome to the St. Petersburg’s Zoo, a magical place filled with many different animals, including a lynx. After visiting hours when humans go home, this curious cat drops by to explore the different enclosures.

The start of a beautiful and unusual friendship.

Sometimes we come across two different people and wonder how they became best friends. We don’t know what clicks friendship, but we know unusual ones exist too!

As it turns out, this curious calico cat had no family, so in an effort to find some companionship, she waltzed into the lynx’s enclosure. She had no idea what to expect, all she wanted was to explore.

I mean, what more could she lose?

She had everything to gain.

Inside the enclosure sat a large lynx, but the young cat couldn’t tell the difference. To her, the lynx looked like a bigger cat, one of her own.

While no one knows exactly how they became friends, legend has it that the cat walked up to the lynx and snuggled up in her warm fur. She was cold, hungry, tired, and in desperate need of love.

Soon, the zoo staff noticed that there was a tiny cat inside the lynx’s enclosure.

She had everything to gain.
Facebook / Nadia Stekolshikova


The staff was blown away by their unusual friendship.

At first, they thought of saving the poor cat who may have accidentally sneaked inside a lynx’s enclosure, but when they took a closer look, they realized the cat was actually quite happy!

Not only was the lynx happy to share her space, but she was also quite protective of the young feline. Seeing that the two shared a special bond, the zoo adopted the cat and let her stay with the lynx.

The staff was blown away by their unusual friendship.


The duo instantly became a hit

It wasn’t long before people found out about the lynx and the cat’s unusual friendship and to witness the magic in person; they flocked from all over the world.

They clicked pictures and shot videos to remember this unusual friendship for years to come. While the paps were clicking pictures and recording videos, the duo was busy grooming each other.

They remain best friends to date.

The lynx and the cat are inseparable to date. The only difference is that the cat grew in size and the staff puts food for two in an enclosure for one!

When no one’s looking, the cat and the lynx play, cuddle and groom each other.

They remain best friends to date.
Facebook / Fizo Omar


They’re more than just friends; they’re a family.

If you ever get a chance to visit the St. Petersburg Zoo in Russia, be sure to see the love and affection they share with each other yourself.

Check out this video.


In Summary…

There’s so much we can learn from this unlikely friendship. It’s a reminder for many people out there who believe they can never make friends.

If you take one step towards friendship, it’ll take 10 steps towards you! Just be responsible.

This just proves that humans have a lot to learn from animals!

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