Special Needs Cat with ‘Sad Face’ Shows World That Being Different Is Beautiful

Meet Toby, a special needs cat who’s showing the world that being different is beautiful! Toby has  (EDS), a congenital collagen defect that affects the structure, appearance, and amount of collagen in the body. EDS, also known as feline cutaneous asthenia (FCA), is the reason behind Toby’s unique appearance. His condition causes his skin to appear … Read more

Kittens With Adorable Markings Have Never Been Separated Since They Were Discovered On The Streets Together

A couple of kittens with adorable markings formed a very strong sisterhood relationship and have remained together since they were rescued from the streets, and they now share a permanent home. The Chatons Orphelins Montréal animal sanctuary in Montreal, Canada, learnt about these two bonded kittens in desperate need of assistance. Several rescuers had come … Read more