Cat Names – 200 Ideas For Naming Your Male or Female

Looking For The Best Bengal Cat Names?

Whether you are looking for Bengal kitten names that reflect their unique wild cat look, personality or that are just plain cute. There are plenty of options to choose from — we’ve got over 200 options here.

Good names for Bengal cats often take into account their unusual appearance, but they don’t have to.

It’s up to you to pick a name that you love for your Bengal kitty. And I think we’ve got some excellent ideas, regardless of the type of name that appeals to you.

Before we get into all our Bengal cat name options, these are our top ten of the lot.

Top Bengal Cat Names

Our ten favorite Bengal cat names for 2019 are:

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  1. Adele
  2. Cashmere
  3. Enid
  4. Spark
  5. Orla
  6. Acadia
  7. Roxy
  8. Catalie Portman
  9. Arthur
  10. Gatsby

Why Choose a Name for Your Bengal Cat?

Naming pets is something most people naturally gravitate toward. In fact, thinking up names is one of the first things we do when we choose a new kitten or rescue cat.

You might even begin your search before then. Eager to pick something to call your future prospective Bengal bestie.

Regardless of your motivations, everyone who is naming a cat wants something that suits them and their kitty just right.

These cats are an intelligent and loyal breed. It’s quite likely you’ll be able to easily teach them to come when called and recognize their name.

bengal cat names

So it pays to pick one that rolls off the tongue nicely too.


Female Bengal Cat Names

Bengal cat names girl kitties will suit can come from cutesy, tough or unusual female names.

We have tried to find a range for this first list. From old fashioned to ultra modern, there should be something for everyone.

Here are some for Bengal kitten names female cats and their owners will love:

1. Adele

2. Amie

3. Annie

4. Ava

5. Bella

6. Carly

7. Demi

8. Ella

9. Emily

10. Enid

11. Fiona

12. Georgie

13. Hazel

14. Ingrid

15. Jess

16. Judy

17. Karla

18. Lola

19. Megan

20. Mia

21. Minnie

22. Nora

23. Orla

24. Penny

25. Rae

26. Stella

27. Trixie

28. Viola

29. Wanda

30. Zelda

31. Daisy

32. Zöe

33. Diana

34. Willow

35. India

36. Iris

37. Gigi

38. Sasha

39. Helga

40. Tia

Good names for female Bengal cats are all well and good, but what if you have a male Bengal cat?

Well, don’t worry. We’ve not forgotten you!

Bengal Cat Names Male

Boy Bengal cat names can sound as cute or tough as you want them to.

Whether you imagine your new pal as King of the Jungle or a cuddly couch companion.

boy bengal cat names

These ideas will cater to a range of human tastes, as well as feline ones!

1. Archie

2. Arnie

3. Bailey

4. Ben

5. Billy

6. Chad

7. Dave

8. Eddie

9. Evan

10. Frank

11. Greg

12. Harry

13. Jack

14. Jake

15. Luke

16. Manny

17. Mason

18. Mikey

19. Nicky

20. Noah

21. Oli

22. Oscar

23. Reggie

24. Ricky

25. Sammy

26. Seb

27. Teddy

28. Theo

29. Timmy

30. Will

31. Kaio

32. Judge

33. Axel

34. Czar

35. Admiral

36. Usain

37. Wyatt

38. Quentin

40. Oliver

Bengal cat boy names don’t have to just be those you would traditionally associate with humans, of course.

There are lots of other fun ways of naming your Bengal cat.

egyptian mau vs bengal

Bengal Cat Names for a Pair

This set of names work great for a dynamic duo. If you’re fortunate enough to snag two Bengal cuties in one swoop, you’ll love these options. You may recognize these names from your favorite cartoons, movies, or even books!

1. Caramel and Toffee

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2. Barbie and Ken

3. Dot and Dash

4. Homer and Marge

5. Betty and Wilma

6. Ben and Jerry

7. Oscar and Emmy

8. Hamlet and Ophelia

9. Will and Grace

10. Zig and Zag

11. Tarzan and Jane

12. Olive and Popeye

13. Nickel and Dime

14. Peaches and Cream

15. Timon and Pumbaa

16. Pebbles and Bambam

17. Lilo and Stitch

18. Jekyll and Hyde

19. Bonnie and Clyde

20. Einstein and Newton
Now for some cool names for Bengal cats.

Cool Bengal Cat Names

Who can deny that Bengal cats are cool?

The Bengal cats’ wild kitty appeal can be a great source of inspiration for finding Bengal cat names.

Their reputation as fearsome predators lends itself very nicely to some seriously cool ideas.

cool bengal cat names

As does the wild settings that you could imagine this feral looking but adorably tempered kitty living in.

1. Bracken

2. Bramble

3. Chase

4. Clash

5. Drive

6. Falcon

7. Fern

8. Ferret

9. Flush

10. Forest

11. Frisky

12. Hawk

13. Hunter

14. Killer

15. Maze

16. Poacher

17. Prey

18. Prowler

19. Quest

20. Raid

21. Ranger

22. River

23. Scout

24. Shikar

25. Spook

26. Thicket

27. Tracker

28. Trail

29. Trapper

30. Valley

But that striking coat can be a source of inspiration for Bengal cat names in another way too.

Silver Bengal Cat Names

Not all Bengal cats are dark in color. There are some paler shades as well.

One of the most eye-catching colors is the silver tone.

silver bengal cat names

This grey almost metallic tone lends itself to some pretty great names.

Here are just a few of them.

1. Argent

2. Ash

3. Bullet

4. Cinder

5. Cinna

6. Ember

7. Flash

8. Foggy

9. Glam

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10. Gleam

11. Glitz

12. Granite

13. Gray

14. Gunner

15. Nugget

16. Misty

17. Opal

18. Pearl

19. Pewter

20. Seal

21. Shine

22. Slate

23. Smokey

24. Steel

25. Sterling

26. Storm

27. Sylvie

28. Tinsel

29. Weber

30. Whisper

Fancy something else, but along the same theme? You can find 100 more Grey Cat Name ideas here.

Snow Bengal Cat Names

The snow Bengal cat is probably one of the most distinctive kitties you will ever see.

This exotic cat at first glance could easily be mistaken for a snow leopard cub!

Their gorgeous Bengal markings mixed with a white coat are so beautiful, it’s hardly surprising that lots of owners want to call them something that reflects it.

snow bengal cat names

Snow Bengal names can match their color, or simply be inspired by them.

From gorgeous white tones to snow inspired settings, there are lots of wonderful ways you can name your white Bengal kitty.

1. Alp

2. Blanca

3. Blizzard

4. Boo

5. Chalky

6. Chilly

7. Cloud

8. Cotton

9. Everest

10. Gannett

11. Glacier

12. Icy

13. Ivory

14. Lily

15. Lotus

16. Makalu

17. Princeton

18. Rainier

19. Saser

20. Skyang

21. Snowbell

22. Snowflake

23. Trivor

24. Tweedy

25. Yeti

Looking for a slightly different name for your snowy feline? Then check out 100 more ideas for White Cat Names here.

bengal cat names

Fierce Bengal Cat Names

These unique names are for your fierce little Bengal kitten. When you see them speed past or try to fight your dog for a toy, you know they’re deserving of these.

1. Zeus

2. Thor

3. Roxy

4. Xena

5. Nyx

6. Katniss

7. Diva

8. Elektra

9. Acadia

10. Beast

11. Bolt

12. Brutus

13. Bandit

14. Fang

15. Hulk

16. Goliath

17. Hunter

18. Rambo

19. Nitro

20. Rocky

Cute Bengal Cat Names

We all know that Bengal cats are unusual, but they are also seriously super cute.

These adorable kitties love their owners and enjoy getting stuck into activities in the home.

cute bengal cat names

They are playful and fun, and above all never failed to make us go “awwwww.”

1. Angel

2. Beauty

3. Belle

4. Bitsy

5. Bloom

6. Bonnie

7. Boo Boo

8. Bubbles

9. Buttons

10. Charm

11. Cherry

12. Cherub

13. Cuddles

14. Darling

15. Diamond

16. Divine

17. Dream

18. Giggles

19. Heaven

20. Honey

21. Kitty

22. Muffin

23. Mufty

24. Pumpkin

25. Queenie

26. Sparkle

27. Sunny

28. Sweetie

29. Tickles

30. Tigger

Not cute enough for your little sweetie pie? Don’t worry! There are 200 more cute cat names in this fun list.

Funny Bengal Cat Names

Do you love a good laugh?

Giving a cat a funny name can be great fun, but it can also be the source of some controversy. And, sadly some owners find that a few weeks in they have tired of their joke.

Fortunately, there is a great way to be funny and still give your kitty a name that lasts. We love these punny and funny names for Bengal cats.

1. Puddy Tat

2. Ali Cat

3. Catalie Portman

4. Clawdia

5. Jennifurr

6. Katy Purry

7. Kitty Poppins

8. Tabbytha

9. Oedipuss

10. Kit kat

11. Lickers

12. Octopuss

13. Whisker

14. Thunder Paws

15. Miraclaw

Famous Bengal Cat Names

The best place to find inspiration for famous Bengal cat names has got to be the movies or cartoons! Let’s get inspired by some famous cats.

funny bengal cat names

Here are some fun ideas for cartoon big cat names:

1. Aslan

2. Bagheera

3. Cheetata

4. Cheetato

5. Clawhauser

6. Kiara

7. Kion

8. Kovu

9. Manchas

10. Mufasa

11. Nahal

12. Nala

13. Rajah

14. Sarabi

15. Scar

16. Simba

17. Tigress

18. Zira

19. Zuba

20. Boots (from Puss in Boots)

21. Felix the Cat

22. Tom (from Tom and Jerry)

23. Top Cat

24. Garfield

25. Sylvester (from Looney Toons)

26. Heathcliff

27. Duchess (from The Aristocrats)

28. Nermal

29. Figaro (from Pinocchio)

30. Tonto (from Harry Potter)

Bengal Cat Names Summary

Finding the right name for your new cat is important, but it should still be a fun experience.

Whether you are looking for names exotic kitties would suit, or simply something super cute, don’t fret. The right name for your kitten will come to you.

Regardless of their route, Bengal kitten names your cutie can grow into are all around. So, if you don’t fancy any of the names on this list, there are plenty of others you could try on for size.

From cool to uniquefunny to simply awesome. There are even some highly appropriate clever cat names to consider.

And they might well even suit one of these Tabby cat names!

What’s your cat called? We’d love to hear your own ideas for cat names. Let us know in the comments below!

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