Story – Cat Loves Sinks So Much Her Family Bought One Just For Her


Lazuli’s family learned that she absolutely adores sinks not long after adopting her and her sister Lapis as young kittens.


Lazuli will spend many hours a day just relaxing in the sinks around her house. She like them so much that her parents had a wonderful idea: why not get her her own sink?

“She kept slipping into the restrooms as we were leaving them to relax in sinks and then yelling for assistance when she realized she was left in there without the rest of her pack/pride,” Brennan, Lazuli’s father, who asked that his last name not be used, told The Dodo.


Lazuli and Lapis both have their own room in the house, so their parents decided to get Lazuli her own sink for it. They went to Home Depot and, after looking through many sinks, chose one they felt Lazuli would like most and took it home.

“It was just like $30, which isn’t much more than most cat trees and toys, so it was definitely worth it,” Brennan added. “It’s not even as heavy as you might expect, so it was simple to set up for her.”


When the sink was finished, it was presented to Lazuli, and the joy on her face when she understood it was just for her was priceless.

“She’s basically saying… ‘Really?! I have my own sink just for me,’” Brennan explained.


Lazuli now uses her sink whenever she can. She spends a lot of time in it, and happily for her, her other cat siblings aren’t very interested in it.


“It’s quite popular in the summer,” Brennan added, “but just with Lazuli.” “The other cats don’t seem to care.”

Lazuli has exclusive use of the sink, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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