Cat Demands A Ride In Her Box Every Single Night Before Bed – Full Story

Selina was adopted into a family after being abandoned, and her father has always been her favorite person.

“He loves to hold her around like a baby,” Selina’s family member Divya Krishnan told The Dodo.


Selina and her father have always had a special bond and like doing things together, and one night when he got home from work, they unintentionally invented a delightful game that has now become their regular habit.


Selina was relaxing in a box, one of her favorite hobbies, when her father decided that the box needed to be moved. Rather than forcing Selina to move, he just pushed the box to where it needed to go while she was still inside — and she liked it.

“He wanted to move the box one night while she was in it, and then the next minute she was in the box enjoying the time of her life, so now he usually keeps at least two boxes upstairs for her to ride in,” Krishnan said.

Selina and her father now have a nighttime ritual. She waits at the door for him to get home from work, then follows him upstairs to change. She climbs into her box when he’s ready, and he drags her about for a bit. It’s the ideal way to conclude the day, and Selina will never be without it.

“It consistently happens in the evening, around the same time,” Krishnan explained.

If her father refuses to participate in the routine for any reason, or if he takes too long, Selina meows and meows until he gets the idea. She adores their routine and will never let him forget it.

Selina adores her father and relishes the opportunity to do something special with him every night. Selina’s father, of course, loves her and enjoys their routine just as much as she does. They’ve always had a particular relationship, and her father will go to any length to make Selina happy.

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