Blind Kittеn Got Resсued From The Strеets And Graduallу Leаrned To Enjoу Lifе

Being on the streets is tough enough, but being on the streets with no eyes is simply beyond imagination. Aria, however, was a lucky one.

The lonely tabby was rescued after she went blind and even though she lost her vision permanently, this strong girl still managed to live a beautiful life.


Aria was saved by the Flatbush Cats in Brooklyn, New York when she was only a tiny kitten. They had no idea how things would turn out for this sick cat, they only knew they had to try their best no matter what happened. After basic first aid, they syringe fed and bathed the cat, and then prepared necessary supplies to foster her for a long time.


Aria’s eyes were seriously damaged and normally they would prefer to remove them and sew shut her eyelids to prevent further infection. However, this smol baby was just too young for that. She had to used medication instead, and the process was quite painful.


After two weeks of antibiotics, she started to feel better and could purr and play like a normal cat. Thanks to some special toys, the rescuers could help Aria map out her surroundings and learn about her territory.


And since she was all by herself, they thought it would be a nice idea to find this energetic girl a loving companion. Another rescue kitty, Guapo, was selected for the job. They hoped Guapo would help calm Aria’s nerves when she got adopted and had to face a brand new life.


Guapo was a little shy, so they decided to take it slow and let them get to know the smell of each other first, and then know each other later. There was no need to rush because they would have a long way to go together. And then their patience worked, the two became best friends. With the help of Guapo, Aria gradually learned to make the most of her life.


The two adorable kitties later were adopted together by an amazing family and no matter how hard it would be, they would always have each other.


Watch the whole touching rescue here:

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