Ukrainian rescue cat becomes regular at local British pub and ‘never wants to leave’

When Wendy Lloyd, travelled to Ukraine on a mission to help displaced people, she didn’t expect to start doing animal rescue. But the 41-year-old from Birmingham couldn’t help but form an attachment to a three-legged cat, whose chances of surviving were so slim, the overrun shelter he was at hadn’t even named him. Wendy had found him … Read more

Homeless cat ‘without eyelids’ can finally see properly after receiving surgery from a kind vet… and has now started a new life with a loving owner

A stray cat with a serious eye disease is finally able to see properly after receiving life-changing surgery. Fei Fei the moggy was found on a busy motorway of Chengdu, China, by animal lovers who took it to the vet. The brave cat suffered from entropion, a condition where its upper and lower eyelids roll inwards, which can … Read more