Abandoned Kitten With Big Eyes Finds a Loving Family

This tiny kitten was found when he was just three weeks old.

Beth, who is a volunteer with Kitty Cottage, was told about a tiny kitten that needed help so she came to the rescue.

It appears that his mamma refused him as he was the runt of the litter, he would have been a lot weaker than his siblings.


He was so very tiny for his age and although he was already three weeks old he was actually the size of a newborn.

Beth believed that he was a fighter, considering that he had already survived three weeks.

Now she had the task of getting him to take a bottle or syringe and for the first few days had to be fed in drips.


His eyes had been crusted shut and Beth didn’t know if once they were cleaned up he would be able to see.

They named him Guinness and the whole family worked together to ensure that he was fed every hour and received plenty of cuddles.


After a couple of days the kitten began to actively eat and gain weight, in fact it had doubled since being rescued from the streets.

Although he was still small, Guinness had a large pair of beautiful blue eyes, and he loved getting cuddles from his humans.



As his strength grew so did his spirit and he amazed everybody around him with his will to live. He was a big eater, this was probably because he knew he had to grow big and strong.

Watch the video to see his journey:

He was now putting his new found strength to good use, it didn’t take long for him to get more adventurous and discover the joy of playing with all the toys that were provided for him.

And when he hit nine weeks he looked completely different.

He had finally had a growth spurt and had become a real snuggle buddy and purr machine.

big eyes

A year down the line and Guinness has turned into a beautiful cat.

All thanks to the dedication of the family that took the time to care for and love this tiny kitten that arrived into their lives.

 You can keep up with Guinness on Instagram

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