A boy who wanted to keep a pet chose a 10-year-old chubby cat from the shelter!

A cat named Tiny ended up in a shelter with his sister.

The animals were not attached to each other, so they could be adopted separately. On the site of the shelter, photos of all the “residents” of the shelter were published and brief information about them was provided.

A 10-year-old cat, Tiny has been waiting for his owner for a long time. He was sad that young kittens and even adult cats counld quickly find homes for themselves, and he remained in the shelter.

Meanwhile, a little boy on the other side of town was trying to convince his mother to let him keep a pet. Easton was very fond of animals and wanted to adopt either a cat or a dog. Finally, having received permission from his mother, he opened the site of the shelter and began to look at the animal charts.

And when Easton saw Tiny’s photo, the boy realized that he found his pet. The next morning, he went to the shelter with his mother to meet the cat.

Tiny turned out to be a sweet, friendly cat with a big soft belly. The ginger cat jumped into the boy’s arms and “ordered” him to go home!

“Even my mother fell in love with a chubby cat with big devoted eyes”, said the boy.

Both the cat and the boy are glad that they met each other!

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