9 Interesting Facts About Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats are a fantastic breed, the second most popular in the United States. The best words to describe this breed are big, friendly, and beautiful.

Without a doubt, they are one of the most favorite breeds among cat Lovers.

If you love Ragdoll cats too, you will enjoy the exciting things you should know about these cats.

1 Ragdoll Cats Have Interesting History

Let’s start with its origin. By understanding this, you will be able to appreciate the awesomeness of this breed more than you already know.

Ragdoll cats originated in Riverside, California, around the 1960s, when Ann Baker bred a white Angora cat with a male cat resembling Burma’s sacred cat. The litter of kittens was bred further to produce what is now regarded as the Ragdolls.

They had terrific traits like good temperament, striking appearance, and a non-matting coat.

things to know about ragdoll cats
This is a stunning-looking cat breed. Photo by ZEROXO|Pixabay

2 Ragdoll Cats Are Uniquely Beautiful

They come in different colors and patterns.

Ragdolls are beautiful animals. Their bright blue eyes, rounded cheeks, and sweet faces make them look lovely.

They have long hair fur, which is rare for cats. Their coats are soft with the consistency of bunny hair, and it does not mat.

Ragdolls’ body has a darker color in some areas, like the face, legs, ears, and tail, and their appearance varies significantly because they come in different colors and patterns.

Sleeping radoll cat
Did you know that Ragdoll cats love water? Photo by monicore|Pixabay

3 They Love Water

This is just one characteristic that makes them loveable; they are fascinated with water. Hearing the sound of water only can make them come running.

You can find a Ragdoll flipping his paws under the tap or in the bathroom when the shower is on. But even as gross as this sounds, it is rare to see a Ragdoll cat drinking from the toilet bowl.

Their love for the water makes it easy to give your cat a bath when their coat needs a round of washing. And their quiet nature helps make the bathing session easier as well.

4 Ragdolls Have an Above-average Lifespan

They are one of the longest-living cat breeds. Although the average age of Ragdolls is the topic of much discussion, it is generally believed that they live about 15 to 20 years.

Keep in mind; this is only for indoor cats. Outdoor or indoor/outdoor cats are exposed to various life-threatening diseases, and these threats can reduce their average lifespan.

facts about ragdoll cats
They have stunning blue eyes. Photo by Kadisha|Pixabay

5 They Are Quiet by Nature

Very few are talkers. This breed is generally friendly and quiet. This trait makes them one of the best cat breeds for apartment living. Although, this quality also has a disadvantage: Your kitten may not meow even if it’s in pain or distress.

They show no discomfort, so ensure you treat your Ragdoll with care and be watchful of any slight change in their behavior.

6 They Have Beautiful Blue Eyes

Amazingly, Ragdoll’s eyes can come in various shapes and shades of blue. But, it is significant to note that all purebreds have blue eyes.

If your Ragdoll has shades of yellow or green in the eyes, it’s possibly a mix. Although some people refer to Ragdolls as having other shades to their eye color, this is not true for the breed.

Cute ragdoll cat
Did you know that Ragdoll kittens are born white? Photo by monicore|Pixabay

7 Ragdoll Kittens Are Born Pure White

Ragdoll’s kittens are all born white, with their color coming in gradually, and full color is not reached until Ragdoll is around 3 years old. Although the color pattern will start to develop between one to two weeks of age, then the breeder can know the color/ pattern the cat will have.

Ragdoll kittens are born almost entirely white. But once the kittens are exposed to the lower ambient temperature, they begin to take their natural color.

8 Ragdoll Cats Are Perfect Lap Cats

Ragdoll Cats enjoy human companionship; they love to sleep or sit on people’s laps. Unlike other cats, they can sit on your lap for hours while you are watching television.

Ragdoll cat is one of the best lap cats. They enjoy being picked up, cuddled, or carried around.

They are very adaptable breeds and are not only good friends with humans but can make good friends with both dogs and other pets. Remember, Ragdolls are big cats, and as much as they enjoy cuddling, your little kid may not be able to support a 20 lbs. cat.

Ragdoll cats develop a strong bond with their guardians. Photo by BoutiqueBreizh|Pixabay

9 They are Loyal Members of the Family

Ragdoll Cats usually develop a strong bond with the kind of guardians who care for them.

They tolerate strangers, actively seek out their favorite people, and follow them around the house.

It is common to see Ragdolls trailing behind their owners from one room to another. It is common to see them waiting at the door to welcome someone. It is as if Ragdoll can express their gratitude to people.

Ragdolls are friendly, loyal, and intelligent; they are among the various cat breeds appropriate for co-living with a dog. They will allow your children to always carry them; they will sleep in your bed and won’t disturb food as long as you feed them a high-quality and healthy diet.

They are among the best cat breeds for families with kids.

They are adorable, friendly, and tolerant. Ragdoll Cats will tolerate even a demanding kid’s wishes to pick them up or pet the family cat. Also, they get a big kick out of playtime, grooming, and training sessions, because they see it as a bonding experience with their owners.

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