17 Hilarious Pet Photos Enhanced By Even Hilariouser Captions

1. “Excuse me, could you please tell that gentleman to use a coaster?! That is an 18th century oak table, if you must.”

dog sitting upright like a person

Image Credit: Hollie Hayslip via Facebook


cat sitting in Bark Box box

3. “Out delivering mail and then this…”

dog on roof of house

4. “Zoom meeting. No caption necessary.”

cat stares at couch pillowImage Credit: Jordyn Mahar Nelson via Facebook

5. “Can you guess where the squirrel’s nest is? 🥺❤️”

baby and cat stare out window

6. “Mother how dare you turn the sun on.”

siamese cat is grumpyImage Credit: Lauryn-Alexis Simmons via Facebooksiamese cat is grumpy

7. “She has multiple beds and chairs and THIS is where she chooses to nap”

cat napping on staircase baseboardImage Credit: Laura Edwards Klos via Facebook

8. “Just a dad, teaching his son the rules of the road. 🤣🧡”

man driving car with dog in backseatImage Credit: Rebecca Cantrelle via Facebook

9. “Your jokes are not funny, Susan. Now, share your cheese…”

dog would like some of the cheese you are eatingImage Credit: Tawnie DeJong via Facebookcat scratching on padImage Credit: Patty Tsai via Facebook


cat in popeyes chicken bag

12. “When your boss proposes a new project vs when you realize you’re the one who’s going to have to make it work”

cat is confusedImage Credit: Samantha Baker Penney via Facebook

13. “He has since forgiven me for the hat … I think”

woman holding cat in happy birthday hatImage Credit: Catherine Rader via Facebook

14. “Cat outstanding in his field.”

cat standing on a fence post in a fieldImage Credit: Chuchuchupacabra via Imgur

15. “Veni. Vidi. Conveni. Consedi. I came. I saw. I fit. I sit.”

cat sitting in small replica of Roman coliseumImage Credit: Tumblr

16. “Hand me my stethoscope. If I’m gonna crack that safe, I need to hear what’s happening on the other side of this wall.”

cat standing up against wall with nice wallpaperImage Credit: Molly Ryan via Facebook

17. “Walked in on Salem using his tiny couch… 🥰”

cat sitting on tiny, cat-sized couchImage Credit: Angelina Zuniga via Facebook

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