15 Times Cats Did Things For The First Time And Had The Funniest Reactions

Some of our most memorable moments come from the first time we did something, whether it be our first day at school, our first trip to the dentist, or the first time we rode a bike without falling off.

But as you can see from this funny list , firsts are important to cats too! Just as you’ll never forget your first time on an airplane, a cat will never forget the first time it experienced snow or the vacuum cleaner.


#1 “Um… wtf is this guys? I said bring back  treats, not a babyyy’

Credit: manychairs

#2  First time cats see the vacuum cleaner in action

Credit: imgur.com


#3 First time outside

Credit: simpleminded


#4 First time seeing the christmas tree..”it’s so shiny, i must murder it”

Credit: LockeProposal



#5 Two weeks old foster kitten seeing the sun for the first time

Credit: lanadelrage


#6 Kitty’s first snow

Credit: lanadelrage


#7 Cats reaction seeing the ceiling fan move for the first time

Credit: artschoolkiddropout


#8  Cat sees snow out the window for the first time

Credit: datta_damyata


#9 Indoor raised cat first times outdoor

Credit: Natanael85


#10 Kitten’s first time in the grass

Credit: heypete127


#11 This rug for peasants does NOT touch my royal feet. Ever. Carry me, hooman.

Credit: thechosenhero


#12 First time meeting baby

Credit: lena19282


#13 Kanga cat meeting a catsnake for the first time

Credit: thesunisthesameinarelativeway


#14 First encounter with watermelon, must kill it

Credit: CamelMilk


#15 First time carpet experience

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